Ampli5 Your Brand Sales; Reach Out To Our Stars

With Ampli5, your brand can leverage the power of our Influencers & Stories to boost brand perception in the right context and in a controlled environment.

- A unique content marketing solution designed to strengthen brand loyalty and improve sales conversions.

- Helps brands execute high impact campaigns with the help of influencer engagement, social marketing, branded content, content marketing, integration and hosting.

Brand KPIs driven by AMPLI5

Brand+ Stories+ Influencers+ Content Formats = Amplified advantages

Connect to your audience through the power of storytelling with native brand solution packages that guarantee page views and video views

7.8X YoY
growth for content
marketing leaders

Boost conversations & increase engagement with your core audience through push notifications

6X to 8X
higher direct response rate
8-10% average CTR

Boost ROI with SMS

of search users made
purchases based on the SMS received

Gain high engagement using social media.

of women across the world use social media for their purchase decisions

Host branded content and leverage the ZEE5 platform strength

76.4 million
platform reach within related
content universe

With Customail, audiences get the content they want to see, the brand gets the response it needs to drive results

increased engagement through CUSTOMAIL
higher conversion rate of more personalised mailer
Average conversion on gender and age personalised emailers

Create customer experiences through live videos

prefer live videos compared to social media posts
longer time spent by viewers on live video vs video on demand

Success Stories

Brand Visibility in Top Gear Through Movie Sponsorship

ZEE5 drove campaign success using movie sponsorship with the perfect content match for the Mahindra Scorpio-hit movie, Simbaa. An action-packed 30-day campaign was launched using the powerful Ad Suite tool Ampli5 that enabled Mahindra complete the 30-day sponsorship course with flying colors.


  • Impressions on Sponsorship 245+ million
  • Video Views (Inventory) 33.3 Lakh
  • Extra Mileage/Branding 44 Hoarding, Airport branding, Metro branding, Celeb posts/Tweets

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