Why Should I Advertise on ZEE5?

ZEE5 offers cutting edge products and solutions which act as an enabler for brands by giving them a 360- degree value with an ZEE5-Ad suite. The ZEE5 Ad-suit comprises of objectives – Infonomix, AdVault, Ampli5, Play5 and Wishbox. There by giving brands the power of choose the offering that matches their business objectives

What is Advault?

AdVault is a digital advertising tool from ZEE5’s AdSuite offering that helps brands drive KPIs with a wide selection of curated ad solutions. It helps expand a brand’s reach through multiple ad-formats such as video, display, masthead, native, and companion. AdVault also provides flexible pricing models such as cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per installs (CPI). It can reach out to various consumer touchpoints across desktops, mobile web, mobile app, CTV/Smart TV, KaiOS, etc.

What is Ampli5?

Our breadth and depth in the Streaming TV category is unmatched. Live and on-demand, classic favorites and current TV hits, movies and documentaries, breakthrough and binge-worthy Originals.

What is Infonomix?

Infonomix helps brands target audiences precisely and leverage segmentation capabilities to deliver measurable results in a brand-safe environment.

What is Play5?

Play5 helps brands engage with their audience through hyper-personalised and interactive ad formats such as customised gamification, branded polls, quizzes, & tailored segments within ongoing reality shows thereby driving effective engagement & enhancing the overall brand experience.

How does programmatic work?

Programmatic direct allows you to negotiate both programmatic guaranteed and preferred deal (non-guaranteed) campaigns in ad manager.

Programmatic guaranteed: You can negotiate a price and terms for inventory that is reserved (guaranteed). Inventory is designated for only that advertiser at that price.

Preferred Deal: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that buyer can optionally bid upon. The buyer has an initial or “preferred” opportunity to bid at the negotiated price when there’s an ad request for that inventory.

Preferred Deals are non-guaranteed because the inventory negotiated is not reserved for the buyer—you can opt to reserve it in a guaranteed campaign for a better price—and because buyers are not obligated to secure the inventory.

What is a mid-roll?

A mid-roll ad is a video advertisement that plays in the middle of the content as opposed to before or after the featured content. It plays as a break in the video.

What is a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll ad is a video advertisement that automatically plays directly before the featured video. These ads are commonly 10, 15, 30, or 45 seconds long.

What are the various Ad formats under AdVault?

Video inventory (bumper, pre-roll, mid-roll), masthead (only image, video and image), display ad unit, display companion banner on videos page, native performance ad units, native performance companion banner, roadblock, interstitials, CPC, CPL, CPI campaigns.

What are best practices to create ad campaign on ZEE5?

The best practices opted by ZEE5 are as follows:
▪ Gather all client requirements and targeting specs
▪ Forecasting of inventory to ensure the delivery of the campaign
▪ Best possible audience mapping for the client campaign
▪ Timely & precise campaign creation and QA
▪ Once the campaign is onboarded, daily mentoring of performance to ensure smooth delivery
▪ Post eval of the campaign with recommendations to client at the end of the campaign

How do I create Ad campaigns on ZEE5?

Campaigns are created in Google Ad Manager based on the client requirement and targeting (demo, geo, duration and audience requirement).

What are the pricing opportunities available for advertising on ZEE5?

Pricing opportunity would specifically base on the business objective, campaign type, the targeting filters, and inventory type chosen for your campaign. Further, the same can be discussed at the time of business discussion.

How does ZEE5 Deliver audience?

ZEE5 has partnered with LOTAME DMP to facilitate with 1st, 2nd, 3rd party audiences based on interest, affinity, income, device, geo, demo, and, 1st party attributes. Also, multiple audiences sourced from branded and 2nd party partners are available.

What are the targeting options available?

Below are the targeting capabilities available with Google Ad Manager for ZEE5 platform:
a. Inventory type (display/video)
b. Custom targeting
c. Geography
d. Mobile application
e. Devices
f. Connection
g. Mobile application
h. Operating system
i. Browser language
j. Device capability
k. Device manufacturer
l. Bandwidth
m. Mobile carrier
n. User domain
o. Audiences (as per requirement)

How does ZEE5 deliver basis campaign KPIs?

Advertiser/Agency campaigns are delivered based on the requirement and the KPI’s are achieved by monitoring and taking preventive and corrective measures time to time. Also, effective inventory management help us to achieve the KPIs.

How should I plan on ZEE5 to reach my campaign and marketing objectives?

You can simply share the details about the product/services to be advertised and the campaign goal/budget etc with our sales team. Further, best possible media plan would be proposed by the sales & strategy professionals, and on mutual agreement on price/inventory & other factors campaigns can be run on ZEE5 platform to achieve your marketing objectives.

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