The availability of internet has led to a rapid growth of online gaming. Initially, gaming was only meant for the young, but with time, online games started progressing too. Today, we have online fantasy leagues for all age groups. Increasing smartphone affordability and declining data prices are the two main reasons for the growth of mobile gaming.

In today’s world, brands prefer creative marketing strategies to promote their brand, especially when it comes to communicating with the youngsters. One of the most popular strategy to reach out to audience online is through gamification. Gaming techniques are used by brands to build brand loyalty, engagement and awareness. The main objective behind using gamification as a marketing tool is to boost the brand and increase sales.

With the help of our advertising platform, ZEE5 Ads, we provide brands with ad solutions they need. It comprises of 5 intelligent tools that help brands benefit from precise targeting and segmentation. Play5 is one of the intelligent tools of ZEE5 Ads that helps in boosting the brands through engagement.


    What is Play5?

    Play5 is a unique tool that is designed to engage audience in an innovative and interactive manner. Brands that associate with us benefit from this tool because it drives more engagement. Play5 also offers customized gamification for the brand, branded polls, quizzes and tailored segments within ongoing reality show gamification.

    What does Play5 offer?

    Gaming or any kind of engagement led activity comes under Play5 platform. We have 10 games from GameLoft that’s available and are divided into 3 categories:

    • Action games
    • Arcade games
    • Puzzle games

    Zombie Splash, Boboiboy Galaxy Run, Danger Dash, Fashion Holic, Ludibubbles, Midnight Pool Classic, Nitro Street Run 2, Sky Bridge, Urban Stack and Words Detective: Bank Heist are the 10 games available on the platform.

    How do brands benefit from Play5?

    By partnering with ZEE5, the Play5 tool will help you drive effective engagement and enhanced customer experiences, segment your audience to drive further engagement and will help you gain insightful reports and advance audience profiling
    Gaming techniques such as- scoring, ranking, competition etc. will attract customers which will lead to brand loyalty, help you build connections and boost your sales.

    Gamification is the new segue for brands to increase their brand visibility and brand engagements and Play5 can help you give, the much-needed brand visibility.