In a world, where families are small and the parents are occupied, it has become a difficult task to keep the little ones engaged positively and proactively. Today, there are various options when it comes to entertainment for children. Kids’ OTT platforms play a pivotal role in keeping them busy. Taking everything into consideration, ZEE5 Kids as an OTT platform, is designed in such a manner, where equal focus is given to education as well as entertainment.

Since 2015, the average time kids spend on OTT platforms has risen exponentially. This gives brands an impetus to advertise on unconventional platforms. With the current COVID-19 stay at home mandate, kids’ content consumption on TV has surged by 20% of daily average reach, second only to news.

A platform where learning meets entertainment

ZEE5 as a platform is safe, secure, private, and indigenous with a constantly evolving library of different content With ZEE5, parents have control over whatever their kids watch, as they end up consuming our content as much as their kids do. This in turn, creates the right opportunity for brands to partner with us, as parents are always the decision makers when it comes to any kind of purchase. .

ZEE5 has over 4000+ hours of kids’ content (shows, movies, reality shows) across nine regional languages. It also has other features such as virtual karaoke, e-books, and audio books, that makes the audience linger longer. .

Advertising your brand on popular shows like Chhota Bheem and animated movies like Cinderella will help to attain higher visibility. It will also help to reach out to the right audience. .

Your takeaway

With ZEE5, engaging your brands with shoppers and consumers is easy and flexible. As a string of ZEE5 brands help you with a measurable reach and better campaign performance, be it for your brand launches or brand sustenance campaigns.

With repetitive loyal consumers interacting on the platform, remarketing to your audience is possible with high on-target reach with the profile of consumers engaging on the platform.

The enabler here is ZEE5’s Ads: A set of five intelligent tools designed to help brands benefit from precise targeting and segmentation capabilities to deliver measurable results.

With tools like AdVault and Ampli5, ZEE5 Ads helps in expanding your brand’s market growth and increasing your brand’s engagement.

While AdVault helps your brand propel its reach and create awareness, Ampli5 boosts your brand with content-based sponsorship, in-show integration, and character-based influencer marketing.